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Polaris is a utility token on the Aurora Chain that aims to bring security, functionality, and easement of use to the average investor in the network.

A total of 16 accounts found

Address Name Tag Balance TxCount
0xfd7cbeae92ed5ec9c58b88fe5af9a78115a82cd8Polaris Finance: DAO Wallet0.08623166 ETH3,610
0x3160f7328df59c14d85dfd09addad4ef18ae3e2cPolaris Finance: DEV Wallet0.00955749 ETH63,404
0x17cbd9c274e90c537790c51b4015a65cd015497ePolaris Finance: ETHERNAL Token0 ETH1,916
0x3ac55ea8d2082fabda674270cd2367da96092889Polaris Finance: ORBITAL Token0 ETH1,318
0x3a4773e600086a753862621a26a2e3274610da43Polaris Finance: PBOND Token0 ETH347
0x7afd06811120462e86dbd41554445928c7afbcadPolaris Finance: Polar Genesis Reward Pool0 ETH4,760
0x73e2bbcb511c7de83f489205788304c3bc31a119Polaris Finance: Polar Oracle0 ETH5
Sum of 7 Accounts0.09578915 ETH75,355

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